4 Reasons to Add an Electric Fireplace

Are you Remodeling or Flipping your Home/Condo/or Apartment?

Here are 4 Reasons to Add an Electric Fireplace:

  1. Ambiance and Style: When buying, selling, or renovating a home, it is important to create a cozy and welcoming environment. Electrical fireplaces offer home dwellers a sense of comfortability and belonging through both warmth and visual aesthetics. Using artificial flame technology and projections, electric fireplaces recreate the captivating appearance of a traditional wood-burning flame. Ranging from a variety of sizes and styles, a modern electric fireplace still offers the appeal, comfort, and romance of a gas or wood fireplace without the heavy maintenance, risks, and costs. Inserting an electric fireplace into an existing fireplace space looks great and saves money.
  2. Lower cost: Installing a gas or wood fireplace, especially inside a home with no existing ventilation or gas line system, can cost between $5,000 and $7,000. This does not include upkeep expenses such as chimney cleaning, gas and firewood, tools, and damage caused by embers. Also, since many cities in the United States have added regulations prohibiting the use of open flame fireplaces inside the home, electrical fireplaces are ideal. Electric fireplaces require little to no installation costs, and are self-sufficient, bumping up against no open flame regulations or fees. With the ability to warm hundreds of square feet, electrical fireplaces can also significantly lower the heating bill. On average, running an electric fireplace can cost about $25 a year, while gas and wood fireplaces can run up to $200 yearly. Research also shows that a traditional wood and gas fireplace releases up to 60% of its heat into the chimney rather than into the home. With an electric fireplace, home dwellers will no longer have to worry about installation and maintenance costs.
  3. Environmental and Energy Efficient: Reducing one’s carbon footprint is quickly becoming a trend for home owners, renters, and buyers. Americans have become more conscientious about the amount of energy we use and the amount of greenhouse gasses that are being pushed into our atmosphere. Since wood and gas fireplaces lose much of their heat and smoke through the chimney, electrical fireplaces are more ideal when taking environmental and energy conservation into consideration without sacrificing the comfort and style of the home. Also, electrical fireplaces do not burn the earth’s natural resources as quickly as traditional fireplaces. They require no wood or gas, just a 120-volt outlet.
  4. Safety: Renters and homebuyers are constantly looking for safe living conditions to protect themselves and their loved ones. Unfortunately, wood and gas fireplaces are known to produce toxic and cancerous smoke agents, such as carbon monoxide. Electric fireplaces, however, produce no fumes and zero emissions, protecting all residents and the air quality of the home. Home dwellers that suffer from common asthma and allergy conditions can remain at ease and enjoy watching their fireplaces’ flames in comfort. Unlike wood-burning fireplaces, electric fireplaces have no dangerous embers to shoot from the crackling wood and into the home. This makes electrical fireplaces perfect for those with children and pets. Owning an electric fireplace rather than a wood/gas fireplace reduces the risk of injury, burns, fires, and smoke inhalation.

Electric fireplaces are perfect for all home/apartment/and condo owners seeking the positive ambience and warmth of a fireplace, without all the unnecessary risks and costs.


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