A Fireplace in a NYC Apartment

This unexpectedly cold New York City winter is also the first Zoe has spent alone in the big city, since her breakup with Zack, her boyfriend for the past three years. After graduation from Savannah College of Art and Design, Zoe found work as an illustrator in the Big Apple, and moved with Zack to a small, cozy and (amazingly) affordable New York apartment. Zoe used to love curling up on the floor with Zack, under blankets, watching old Hollywood movies. But now, Zoe’s apartment feels empty as she wraps herself in her blankets.

Zoe is also feeling lonely while watching the fireplace scene in Arthur Christmas. The film isn’t that old, but is her favorite Christmas movie. The warming spirit of the scene emanates from the TV screen, and it dawns on Zoe that she might feel less alone with her own fireplace.

Smalltown girl Zoe has always been impressed by tales of one person starting with nothing and clawing their way to success in the world of business. When she reads the startup story of Clint Fielder and ElectricFireplacesOnline.com, she decides to call them before contacting competitors selling electric fireplaces on the internet.

After a good conversation with the website’s expert fireplace adviser, Zoe decides to purchase one of EFO’s three media console types. She likes the design that leaves room on top for her television and cabinet storage for extras — and it’s not hard to install. She looks forward to feeling warmer and and a bit less lonely as she curls up with classic films on a cold winter night.