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Electric Fireplaces Online, The Dimplex Fireplace Experts

Redesigning living rooms, one fireplace at a time.

Electric Fireplaces Online is dedicated to partnering with you to create great fireplace solutions for your home. We’ve worked in the fireplace industry for more than a decade and have absorbed some specialized knowledge that we can put to practical use. Our team is knowledgeable and ready to answer your questions, and we have presented an array of electric fireplaces on our site. If you need further assistance selecting an electric fireplace, please speak with our expert fireplace advisers, Clint Fielder and Mike Johnson, who can help you choose the electric fireplace that is right for you. Our fireplaces are produced by Dimplex, North America’s finest manufacturer of electric fireplaces. Whether you are looking for a built-in electric fireplace that wires directly into the wall, an electric log insert to revitalize an old fireplace, or a free-standing electric fireplace in a variety of styles, we offer products that align perfectly with your personal tastes and project the upscale and up-to-the-minute image you have worked so hard to achieve. Our wide variety of styles coupled with premium-quality manufacturing techniques makes purchasing a fireplace at Electric Fireplaces Online the smart choice. We stand behind each unit with a warrantee.

Dimplex developed and produced the first electric fireplace with a truly realistic "wood burning" flame effect in 1995. The company continued its research and has since been granted 30 patents covering various areas of electric-flame technology; others are pending. Unlike traditional wood or gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces are vent-free and smoke free, and offer a zero-emissions heat source. Not only is this healthy for your home, it also prevents the release of carcinogens into the air by fossil fuels and charred wood. At Electric Fireplaces Online, all of our fireplaces are vent-free, require no chimney, and produce no smoke. In addition to the air quality benefits, the reduced use and costs of energy is an overall benefit to the environment and to your wallet!

Heat Where and When It’s Needed

Our wall-mounted fireplaces, plug-in electric fireplaces, mantel packages, stoves, and electric fireplace log inserts can be located (and relocated) anywhere in your home. The Dimplex fireplace insert is designed to easily fit just about any fireplace opening. Zone heating provided by the ambiance of most electric fireplaces creates immediate and efficient supplemental heat where you need it when you need it. We offer electric fireplaces in all shapes and sizes, so we are confident you will find the ideal fireplace to fit your space.

All of our fireplaces and heaters come with fast free shipping within the continental US. Whether you are placing an order on the website or through one of our fireplace experts, we are positive that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

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